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DuVal Farm, South Kingstown

South Kingstown Land Trust

Also known as Susannah's Woods

Hunting is not allowed here but it is permitted on nearby land. During hunting season everyone using the trails here should wear blaze orange. Remember, hunting season includes much of the late fall, winter and spring. More details.

In Rhode Island the primary hunting seasons typically run from the second Saturday in September to the last day of February and from the third Saturday in April to the last day in May, however this can vary from year to year and depends on what game is being hunted. During hunting season you should wear at least 200 square inches (a hat OR a vest) of blaze orange. During shotgun deer season, which is typically in December, you should wear at least 500 square inches of blaze orange (a hat AND a vest). For more information see the RI DEM website.

Description & Overview:

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The 2.4 mile DuVal Trail crosses numerous parcels protected by the South Kingstown Land Trust (SKLT) and RIDEM between 1983 and 1998. SKLT's DuVal Trail project was chosen as a Conservation Assistance Project by the National Park Service (NPS) for its Rivers & Trails Program in 1998, which provided technical assistance in siting and design of the trail in Perryville.

This trail features the hill and kettle topography of a terminal moraine left by the retreating glaciers of the last ice age. Visitors enjoy a sweeping view of the ocean and Block Island to the south from a scenic overlook. Mountain bikes and motorized vehicles are not allowed.

Susanna's Woods is noted for its stands of oak and thick under-story of mountain laurel. It lies within the Charlestown Recessional Moraine, a line of hilly terrain which runs from Narragansett Bay through Watch Hill, Fisher's Island, and Long Island, marking where the last glacier paused before its final retreat. Acting as a natural dam, the moraine created Worden's Pond, the Great Swamp, and the course of the Pawcatuck River.

Historically, the woods were used as woodlots for the plantation families who farmed the flat land nearer the coast. Though the area was never cleared, it has been continually cut for 300 years.

South Kingstown Land Trust trail maps web page

Trail Safety Information

What's There:

Hours: Daylight hours, all year

Miles of Trails: 3.5 miles

Miles of ADA Accessible Trails: None

Trail Width: Typical one person footpath

Trail Rating: Moderate   Explanation


Trail Rating Key

Easy: Trails are relatively smooth and the route is quite obvious such as a single point to point trail or an easy network of trails in an urban or suburban setting where help is always readily at hand. A map may be useful but is not necessary.

Moderate: Somewhat more strenuous trails or harder to follow trails. Trails are well-marked but following them requires a trail map and a trail map is readily available either at the site or online.

Difficult: Strenuous trails, trail systems that mostly involve multi-mile loops and trail systems where there is no available trail map or the trails are not marked.

Skiing/Snowshoeing: Trails are suitable for snowshoeing but not skiing

Are Dogs Allowed? Yes. Must be on a leash.

Is Horseback Riding Permitted? Yes

Are Bicycles (non-motorized) Permitted? No

Is Hunting Permitted? Hunting is not allowed on this property but is in nearby areas. Walkers wear orange during hunting season!

Other Amenities: None


Trailhead Name: Quaker Cemetery Trailhead

Coordinates: 41° 24.022' N    71° 35.12' W   See this location in: Google Maps   Acme Maps

Google Maps is the mapping system used on the new ExploreRI maps and shows the trailhead located on a terrain view, a street map or an aerial photograph. Clicking on this link will take you to the full Google Maps website, which is not part of
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Driving Landmarks: Coming from the north (Wakefield) on Route 1 south take the exit for Post Road/Perryville (this exit is about 2.9 miles south of where Main Street in Wakefield intersects with Route 1.) Proceed 0.3 miles to a stop sign at the intersection of Ministerial Road (Route 110). Go straight on Post Road for 1.3 miles, passing Moonstone Beach Road on your left, to a parking area on the right at the foot of the Quaker Burial Ground. The trail begins about 50 feet west of the parking area on the same side.

Coming from the south (Charlestown) on Route 1 north go past the exit for Green Hill Beach Road in South Kingstown. Go another 0.7 miles on Route 1 north and use the Post Road/Perryville turn-around in the median to get onto Route 1 south and take the first exit. At the T-junction turn right onto Post Road. Go 0.5 miles to a parking area on the left at the foot of the Quaker Burial Ground. The trail begins about 50 feet west of the parking area on the same side.

Parking: Yes: Parking lot, 10 spaces, no overnight parking

ADA Accessible Parking Spaces? No


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