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Veterans Memorial Park - Eastern Side, Barrington

Town of Barrington

Also known as Brickyard Pond

Description & Overview:

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Established in 1946 as a public recreation and conservation area by the Town of Barrington, the park was named to honor veterans. The park land stretches over 230 acres including the 84-acre pond named Brickyard because this was the site of the local brick-making industry started in 1720 by Matthew Watson and continued until 1943. The excavated clay beds eventually filled with water from underground springs forming the beautiful pond. Connected to Narragansett Bay by a canal, the area is an important herring spawning ground.

Recent improvements at the park are the work of a partnership between the Town of Barrington including the Conservation Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Barrington Land Conservation Trust, the Bayside YMCA, the Barrington Preservation Society and the Boy Scouts; with assistance from the National Park Service River and Trails Program. We are still working to improve the trail system. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Town Planner at 401-247-1900. If you would like to be notified of upcoming guided walks and projects, you may also contact the Barrington Land Conservation Trust at

In springtime, you will hear spring peepers. During the spring herring run, ospreys and sometimes bald eagles can be seen fishing from the pond. In summer, dragonflies are common and the air is filled with the fragrance of native summersweet (clethra). Near dawn or dusk you may hear or see screech owls and great horned owls. Each season and time of day offers something to see.

The 'Green Trail' walk is an easy figure-8 trail slightly more than 1 mile in length allow 20 to 30 minutes. The path may be wet in some sections after heavy rain or spring thaw, but hiking shoes are not needed; sneakers are fine. This interesting trail includes foot bridges across several slow-moving streams. This is a great walk for young families on foot, but trails would not be easily passable by stroller. This shady wooded trail passes fresh water wetlands, red maple swamp and vernal pools. More information and photos are presented at each trailhead kiosk. It is amazing that you can be completely surrounded by woods in such a central and convenient location.

See the trail map for details on the various trails in the park. The trail map is also posted on the kiosks at the trailheads.

Fishing, in season, is permitted per state regulations, at Brickyard Pond that is stocked with trout. Boat access is limited to electric and non-motorized boats.

There are no restrooms and no drinking water or trash facilities. Please help keep our park cleaner by carrying out all items you bring and any litter you find. Fires, hunting and camping are prohibited.

Swimming is strictly prohibited due to hazardous underwater structures. Ice skating on the pond is also strictly prohibited due to unstable ice caused by salt water and springs. (In season, outdoor skating is available on the rink in the western side of the park, off Middle Highway at Legion Way.)

Please report downed trees and other park issues to 401-247-1907.

Town of Barrington: Public Beaches & Parks

Trail Safety Information

What's There:

Hours: Park open dawn to dusk. Trails open year round, but the park road gate is closed in winter.

Miles of Trails: 2.5 miles

Miles of ADA Accessible Trails: None

Trail Width: Varies; some sections up to 4 to 5 feet wide

Trail Rating: Easy   Explanation


Trail Rating Key

Easy: Trails are relatively smooth and the route is quite obvious such as a single point to point trail or an easy network of trails in an urban or suburban setting where help is always readily at hand. A map may be useful but is not necessary.

Moderate: Somewhat more strenuous trails or harder to follow trails. Trails are well-marked but following them requires a trail map and a trail map is readily available either at the site or online.

Difficult: Strenuous trails, trail systems that mostly involve multi-mile loops and trail systems where there is no available trail map or the trails are not marked.

Skiing/Snowshoeing: Nearly level trails in most sections make Veterans Memorial Park an excellent location for beginners to snow shoe and cross country ski whenever there is snow.

Are Dogs Allowed? Veterans Memorial Park is an excellent place to walk with your dog. Dogs must be on leash at all times. Waste must be picked up; no waste cans are provided at the park.

Is Horseback Riding Permitted? No accommodations are available for horses and riders.

Are Bicycles (non-motorized) Permitted? Yes, only on designated trails.

Is Hunting Permitted? No

Other Amenities: Amenities include picnic tables, bicycle racks, and trail head kiosks with Veterans quotes, Brickyard and natural history and photos.

Public Transportation & Bike Paths:

For driving directions see the trailheads information below.

Public Transit: RIPTA Bus 60 use bus stop on County Road at the East Bay Bike Path/Barrington Shopping Center - an approximate 1/2 mile level walk on Bike Path to the "Green Trail" trailhead near main park entrance. Other trailheads can be found along the Bike Path (see trail map).

Bike Path Access: The East Bay Bike Path offers convenient access to the eastern side of the park. Non-motorized bikes are permitted on designated trails and bikes may be locked at the available bike racks. To get to the park from the bike path, go about 500 feet south on West Street from where it crosses the bike path.


Trailhead Name: Main Eastside Trailhead (Green Trail)

Coordinates: 41° 44.159' N    71° 18.754' W   See this location in: Google Maps   Acme Maps

Google Maps is the mapping system used on the new ExploreRI maps and shows the trailhead located on a terrain view, a street map or an aerial photograph. Clicking on this link will take you to the full Google Maps website, which is not part of
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Driving Landmarks: From County Road, turn onto Maple Ave heading west; then turn left onto West Street. The Town/Bayside YMCA parking area is on the left, just after you cross the East Bay Bike Path. If the park gate is open, you may continue past the YMCA parking lot to a smaller parking lot 1/4 mile ahead. On the way you will pass the trailhead for the Green Trail (at the double kiosk).

Parking: Yes: Parking lot, 100 spaces, no overnight parking

ADA Accessible Parking Spaces? No


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