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About Us

ExploreRI is a free interactive site that makes it easy for Rhode Islanders and visitors to find places to go kayaking, canoeing, and walking. All of the information you need to find places to go outdoors - trails for walking and paddling - is on this website.  Now it's easy to get outdoors and explore Rhode Island's treasurers, both well-known and hidden.

The Rhode Island Blueways Alliance and the Rhode Island Land Trust Council worked together to build this site. It is now maintained by the Rhode Island Land Trust Council.

Why isn't my favorite trail or put-in on the website?

Making high quality trail maps and posting information about trails for ExploreRI is done by volunteers and takes time.  If you don't see a trail or put-in that you think we should include, let us know! You can email us at

About the Blueways Alliance:

The Blueways project began in 2006 when the Rhode Island Rivers Council and the National Park Service Rivers & Trails program brought together diverse interests from throughout the state to discuss and plan a comprehensive water trail network. The trails would link Rhode Island's rivers, lakes and ponds to Narragansett Bay and to the rivers in Massachsuetts that flow into the bay, and be used to promote safety, conservation, recreation and economic development. The Rhode Island Blueways Alliance incorporated in the state of Rhode Island as a non-profit corporation in late 2007 managed the Blueways project and this web site for 15 years. In 2022 the RI Blueways Alliance dissolved and handed full responsibility for the site to the RI Land Trust Council.

About the Rhode Island Land Trust Council

Rhode Island Land Trust Council is the state land trust coalition of over 45 land trusts – non-profit organizations that were formed to protect land in order to save the special places, open spaces, forests, scenic views, farm lands, and drinking water supplies in their communities.

RI Land Trust Council website

In 2013, Rhode Island Land Trust Council teamed up with the Blueways Alliance to add the walking trails section to ExploreRI website. Land trusts are protecting some of the state’s best places to get outdoors, take a walk and enjoy Rhode Island’s beautiful landscapes. We want it to be easy for Rhode Islanders and visitors to find and enjoy these places, so we are putting trail maps and trail information for all land trust trails on ExploreRI. Check back to ExploreRI periodically to find a new place to take a walk and discover some of the state’s hidden gems.

Information about the Rhode Island Land Trust Council and links to land trusts are on the RI Land Trust Council website.

The original funding for the ExploreRI website was provided by the Rhode Island Rivers Council. The National Park Service Rivers and Trails Program helped launch the project.

Blueways Partners

The Rhode Island's Blueways network came into being through the contributions of the following formative partners and contributors (listed alphabetically):


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