Stay safe: please read our page about how to walk outdoors safely during COVID-19.

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How to Walk Outdoors Safely During COVID0-19

Recommendations from the Rhode Island Land Trust Council.

Is it safe to go outside?
Can we go for walks?

Yes, it is safe to go outside and take walks as long as you follow CDC’s social distancing guidance. In fact, COVID-19 is less likely to srpead outdoors. Taking walks and enjoying outdoor spaces helps reduce stress and anxiety and cures cabin fever. It will help you maintain your physical and mental health.

People have always gone to parks, other conservation lands and trails to find respite, seek solitude and restoration. We need these places now more than ever and they are getting unprecedented visitation.

Easy guidelines for safely taking walks during this pandemic:

It is important that everyone does their part to use these places in a way that respects each other and follows public health guidance. Together we can ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy!

If spending time outdoors and taking walks is safe, why did Rhode Island close the State Parks?

During the first couple of weeks of shelter in place, crowds gathered at state parks and beaches and people were not practicing social distancing. This led RIDEM and the Governor to close state parks to access by cars as a precaution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Since May 9, RIDEM has reopened parks and limited parking to prevent crowds.

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