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Links to related organizations and useful resources:

Local Paddling, Hiking & Related Groups:

These are good groups to check out if you are want to find people with whom to go paddling or hiking.

Watershed Councils in Rhode Island and the Narragansett Bay Watershed:

Some of these groups run organized paddling outings in their watersheds and all are actively working to clean up, protect and restore the watersheds in which they work. Please support them.

Land Trusts in Rhode Island

Many of the land trusts in Rhode Island run organized hikes and all are working to conserve open space in the communities where they operate. Please support them.

Safety on the Water:

Other Sources of Information on Public Water Access Points and Related Information:

River Level Information:

Weather Resources

Major Land Holders in Rhode Island and the Narragansett Bay Watershed with Public Trails on Their Land:


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