Stay safe: please read our page about how to walk outdoors safely during COVID-19.


Take a Walk & Walk Safely!

Taking a walk is a wonderful way to explore Rhode Island’s rich natural, scenic and historic heritage. Planning ahead and safety are an important part of the journey. Before hitting the trail, be sure to review the trail description and trail map for the trail you plan to walk.

Preparing for Your Walk:

A note on cell phones and GPS units. Cell phones may be helpful in some cases to summon assistance. Keep in mind that cell phone coverage is not universal and you could be hiking in an area without coverage or have a dead battery. In addition a 911 call from a cell phone does not supply the dispatcher with your location. That is information you must provide. GPS units can be useful in giving location coordinates, but you will still need to provide a reference related to a map landmark e.g., nearest state highway. It is your responsibility to know which town you are in and your approximate location.

Trip Day — Before You Hit the Trails:

While Walking:

For your safety and to protect the properties where you are hiking, please follow standard trial etiquette and “Leave No Trace” principles.

Post Trip — After Your Walk

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