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Collier Point Park

41° 48.725' N    71° 24.107' W   See this location in: Google Maps   Map Server   Acme Maps

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This is a site for launching boats from trailers. Boat ramps can normally be used to launch canoes and kayaks but please do your best to keep the boat ramp clear for boat trailers.

Description & Overview:

If you plan to paddle down the bay or if you are paddling up the bay this is not the best site to start from or end at because you have to go past the Port of Providence, which is frequented by large commercial vessels. Bold Point Park, on the other side of the Providence River, in East Providence, is a good alternative. Collier Point Park is a suitable launching site for going up the Providence River to Waterplace Park and the Woonasquatucket River, but if there is a brisk wind blowing the South Water Street Landing is better. The Collier Point boat launch is heavily used for launching trailered boats so if you are launching hand carried boats do your best to keep the ramp open for trailered boats.

Given the many problems people have reported here related to the gate (see the comments section below), the boat ramp at Bold Point Park may be a better choice. The most current information we have is that the gate will close at 6pm. This site is privately owned so decisions like the gate closing time are made by the owners.

This site provides access to the following water bodies: Providence River.


Town: Providence

Nearest Town Center: Providence

Driving Landmarks: The entrance road to this boat ramp is off Allens Avenue, right under one of the new I-195 "I-Way" bridges leading to the big new bridge over the Providence River. Coming from the north on I-95 south, take exit 19 for Eddy Street. Turn left onto Eddy Street and go to the next corner. Turn right here onto Allens Avenue. Go about 800 feet south on Allens Avenue (less than 0.2 miles) and turn left onto the curving paved road right under the second set of I-Way bridges. You will know you are in the right place if you quickly come to big black gates that should be open during the day. Go through the gates and go about 800 feet to where the road ends at the boat ramp. Officially this entrance road is known as Henderson Avenue but there does not seem to be any sign for it on Allens Avnue.

Coming from the south on I-95 north, take exit 18 for Thurber Avenue. Keep right at the fork to merge onto Thurbers Avenue eastbound. Just ahead is a traffic light where Thurbers Avenue ends at Allens Avenue. Turn left here onto Allens Avenue north. Go about 0.8 miles and when you are going under the first of the I-Way bridges turn right onto the curving paved road. You will know you are in the right place if you quickly come to big black gates that should be open during the day. Go through the gates and go about 800 feet to where the road ends at the boat ramp. Officially this entrance road is known as Henderson Avenue but there does not seem to be any sign for it on Allens Avnue.

Access & Waters:

Water 'Features' At Site: estuary, ocean/bay

Note: Because one boat launch can access, say, both a lake and a river or both the upstream and downstream portions of a river, not all paddling trips at a given site will necessarily encounter all of the features listed.

Type of Access: Boat ramp

ADA Accessible Boat Launch? no

Shoreline: This is a hard surface boat ramp with docks and floats on both sides of the ramp. The adjacent shoreline is a tall bulkhead that provides no access to the water.

Float/Dock: low float or dock

Hours of Operation: Dawn to 6pm


Parking: yes: 15 spaces, no overnight parking

ADA Accessible Parking Spaces? no

Nearby Amenities:

Public Restrooms: There may be a Porta-Potty at this site. Otherwise, this site is near downtown Providence so restrooms are not far away, but it is far enough that most people probably would not want to walk to find a restroom.

Sources for More Information:

Other Guidebooks: Site 1 in Ed Mullen's book "Kayaking Narragansett Bay"

Website: Mike Krabach's kayak access website

Very uncomfortable

Submitted by: Manny; March 11, 2024; 3:06 pm

Why isn't this place open 24hours since we are no longer able to use bold point ramp cause construction on 195 won't let us go under 195.

I believe this gate should be open. At all times.

[Moderator's Note: you should be able to get to Bold Point Park by taking Mauran Avenue off of Veterans Memorial Parkway, south of I-195.]



Abusive person operating the gate

Submitted by: Anonymous; July 3, 2023; 7:57 am

Sunday, June 2 2023 sometime around 4 PM I get in, stay inside with my family for 15 minutes approximately, when I tried to get out gate was close, I ring the bell and a very abusive person answer and start talk to me bad asking how I get in if the gate was close and he also say he's going to call Homeland security he said he doesn't want me to go back never into that place because he also have my license plate number if I come back will be a problem, I don't know why? my question is how I will get in if the gate was close, my Wife and My Kids get scare inside the truck because he say to me tonight you're going to sleep on jail

Gates will close at 6 pm every day

Submitted by: Gate keeper; June 23, 2023; 6:22 pm

Gates are going to be closing at 6 pm every day


Submitted by: Anonymous; January 1, 2021; 8:50 am

I got back to my truck before dark, yes the sun was setting but still not dark. As I got to my truck I had one of those big warning stickers plastered on my truck. I mean come on people. The gate locks but is automatic to get out. You see it’s a truck with a trailer hooked up to it. I mean where the heck did a little sense go? Let people who are on the water have a little leeway on getting in.

Let's get it

Submitted by: Anthony; June 30, 2019; 5:17 am

let's open guys!!!!


Photo Credit: Anthony

Why the park its closing so early?

Submitted by: Luis A. Santiago; May 23, 2018; 4:44 pm

Why the park its closing so early? Is already closed at 4:00pm



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